Monday, July 10, 2006

Message from YUPM Founder

Hi All

For those of you who have not yet heard of me, my name is Karen Liu and I am the founder of Young Urban Professionals Meet (YUPM). YUPM is a team of young urban professionals passionate about networking and meeting new people.

YUPM is the result of one person's dream to bring young professionals between the ages of 25-35, from various industries and backgrounds, together yearly to get connected and stay connected.

YUPM is currently in the works, but outside of that I have been taking the time to explore the world and I wanted to share what I had found on my journey. I discovered great places to eat, shop, hangout, and tour which I hope to share with all of you so that when you are in the area you can check out these places too. The development of the arm YUPM Travel Network is a result of pure interest to inform and share with others my wonderful experiences traveling. My journeys do not involve the standard hotel, taxi cab travel, but instead I try to really live like a local so I can really experience what it would be like to live in that particular city. It would involve taking the subway, bus, staying at a bed and breakfast, etc.. . Believe it or not, it is a less expensive way to travel as well. Scary memories come with it as well like ending up in Harlem 

My most recent trip consisted of a back east tour through Montreal, Toronto, New York and Boston. Boy oh boy, was it an eye opener since I haven’t traveled this much since my high school days. As a young professional, like many of you, I have been stuck in school and working full-time that I have had very limited time to see the world. I would highly recommend to all of you that haven’t done much traveling that you do it now as it is a great way of making new friends, learning to appreciate the place you live in already or discovering a new city you perhaps would like to live in. Life is not about all work and no play! Remember, live everyday like there is no tomorrow.


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